While downtown Camden is a pleasure to explore on foot, you’ll need a car to get to the ceremony and reception; you’ll definitely want one if you’re staying at a budget option further out of town.  If you need a ride from your inn or hotel, contact us before the wedding weekend and we’ll make carpooling or other arrangements.
Camden and Rockport are a 3.5-4 hour drive from the Boston area - when there is no traffic.  Traffic can be brutal on summer weekends, so plan accordingly.  For those coming up from Boston, we recommend leaving after dinner on Friday (around 7 PM) so that you arrive in town by 11 or so.  Early morning on Saturday is also usually a safe bet.  For directions see the directions page.
  1. The nearest major international airport is Logan Airport in Boston.
  2. The nearest jetport is in Bangor, ME, about a 1.5 hour drive from Camden/Rockport.  There are daily flights from a few major hubs, including Detroit and NYC.
  3. The nearest regional airport is Knox County in Owl’s Head, Maine, about a 20 minute drive from Camden/Rockport.  This airport has a few “puddle jump” flights a day from Boston, but no long haul flights.  There are only a few rental cars available at this airport, so if you need one, book well in advance.
Concord Trailways runs two bus trips per day into Camden from Logan Airport and Boston’s South Station.  The bus drops you off at a gas station on the edge of town, so you’ll probably want to connect with someone with a car once you get there!